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The Chin is not a stranger to the film world. They have appeared in a few films with (as far as I know) the earliest being Four Frightened People (1934), starring Claudette Colbert and Herbet Marshall. The story features four people, who escape from their plague-infected ship and land on the coast of a Malaysian jungle and must fighting through this jungle to return to civilization. During this journey, Mrs. Mardick, played by Mary Boland, has her black & white Chin tucked under her arm.

A Chin also starred in the movie David Copperfield (1935). This MGM film's well-known stars include Edna May Oliver, W.C. Fields, and Maureen O' Sullivan. Jip, the Chin, doesn't make an appearance until three-quarters of the way into the movie, but he has several adorable scenes that are definitely worth seeing.

scene from David Copperfield scene from David Copperfield
Taken from the first scene with the Chin. The newlyweds have just arrived home with the bride carrying Jip. After a little bantering, the groom takes Jip's paw and leans in for a kiss. Dora (Maureen O'Sullivan) good-naturedly reprimanding Jip. Isn't that the cutest dog house?
scene from David Copperfield scene from David Copperfield
Jip dances about on his hind legs, waving his paws in a prayerful plea for food, right in the center of the dining table. Jip ardently listening to David (Frank Lawton).

The Elusive Pimpernel (1950) included a cast of David Niven, Margaret Leighton, and Cyril Cusack as well as Ch. Kin-Sen, a red and white Chin, owned by Miss Tovey. Kin-Sen played the part of Henrietta and has a couple of cute appearances: first, in the bath house, then at Lord Anthony Dewhurst's (David Hutcheson) home. Reportedly, the 50 guineas Kin-Sen earned for the part was donated to the Methodist Missionary Society Hospital in Chaotung, SW China (Stern p. 90).


Another great film featuring several Chin and David Niven is The King's Thief (1955). With the exception of Four Frightened People, the Chin probably have the most screen time in this film, in the beginning and later near the end of the movie. In my opinion, it is great movie, even without the Chin.

scene from The King's Thief

A more recent movie with a brief Chin appearance is Protocol (1984), starring Goldie Hawn, whose character is a naive cocktail waitress who becomes a diplomat. In one scene, the large dog in Hawn's care gets away. Hawn chases it through a park, where they encounter a Chin. The two shots below pretty much sum up the Chin's brief scene.

The Chin is happily taking a stroll, then upon seeing the large run-away dog, jumps into his mistress' arms. (The Chin doesn't appear frightened in the least. ;))

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