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Trade Cards

Trade cards are small illustrated advertising cards that became a popular collectible during the Victorian era. Products typically advertised by trade cards included tobacco, food, household items, farm equipment, and medicine.

Dwight's Soda Candy Novelty Co. Molassine Co. Ltd
Vims Dog Food
by Molassine Co. Ltd
Dwight's Soda Candy Novelty Co.
Chin Chins J&P Coats' Thread
J&P Coats' Thread

Cigarette cards began as blank cards, which were inserted as strengtheners into cigarettes packets in the mid to late nineteenth century and evolved into trade cards in the late 1880s. Cards were usually done in a series on a common theme, which was of course a marketing ploy to encourage people to buy more cigarettes in order to complete a set. There are number of cigarette cards featuring Chin, most of which were a part of a series of dog breed cards.

Wills Cigarettes, issued by W.D. & H.O. Wills Bristol & London Barney's Cigarettes, issued by John Sinclair Ltd
Wills Cigarettes
by W.D. & H.O. Wills
Barney's Cigarettes
by John Sinclair Ltd

Ogden's Cigarettes Gallaher Ltd Mills Filtertips
Ogden's Cigarettes Gallaher Ltd "Mills" Filtertips

Ogden's Cigarettes Carreras Ltd Godfrey Phillips Ltd
Ogden's Cigarettes Carreras Ltd Godfrey Phillips Ltd

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